The Chosen


You say you are God's chosen,

and the apple of His eye?

As you maim and kill the mothers,

and let the babies die!


Will you blast away their houses,

turn their cities into dust,

Then starve the poor survivors,

because you think you're just?


You say that God is with you,

that He sends you to destroy?

Well I say that you're a liar,

and it's Satan who's your boy!


For though your prophets bless you,

and your judges all agree

God in Heaven fights against you!

He has heard the needy's plea!


You say you are God's people,

nevermore to be believed

In your synogogue of Satan,

Till the end you'll stay deceived!

The Warning


Take not the crosses from our graves

Of we, who died for you

And take not Him, Whose cross it was

From our children's schools


The time of which all prophets spoke

Has come, it's not just near

Ten billion soldiers stand in line

Their warning's very clear


If you, with treachery, repay

Our children, who now live

We'll fight you from death's very doors

For this, we'll not forgive.


And this war won't be in vain,

When we, with Jesus, come

On fierce steeds, to take the earth

From us you shall not hide!







My Prayer



Dearest Father, up in heaven, all that you are is good.


Come quickly to this fallen world just like you said you would



Looking up to you today, for those things I need


Forgetting wrongs that come my way, and every cruel misdeed



Help me escape temptations as a bird escapes the snare


And evil too, with all it's fear and horrible despair



Forever Jesus where we are, will your loving kingdom be


Together we shall rule this world from from sea to shining sea



Norman Brule

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